Terry Harvey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Computer and Information Sciences

TerryHarveyDr. Harvey is responsible for coordinating the faculty and curriculum of the first two years of the undergraduate program (from Introductory CS through Software Eng I), and was awarded the University’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2009.  Dr. Harvey, who holds a teaching-track position, has addressed classroom issues for under-represented groups at the University of Delaware through his adoption of teaching strategies to minimize group performance differences (e.g. clickers and group projects). He works with the graduate women’s student group (CISters) and was instrumental in the group’s development of outreach programs for undergraduates. He has also been involved in the development of teaching assistants to improve undergraduate outcomes, by holding an introductory seminar for new TAs, by addressing the department’s graduate student seminar, and as a speaker at the University’s conference for new graduate TAs.

Selected Publications:
2005. Harvey, T. Decker, K. & Carberry, S. Multi-Agent Decision Support via User-Modeling. Proceedings of the Fourth International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi Agent Systems.

2001. Harvey, T. & Decker, K. Planning Ahead to Provide Scheduler Choice. Autonomous Agents 2001 Infrastructure Workshop.

2001. Harvey, T. & Decker, K. Planning Alternatives for an Intelligent Scheduler. IJCAI 2001 AI in Manufacturing Workshop.

Contact Information
o/ 408 Smith Hall
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
e/ tharvey@udel.edu
p/ 302-831-8234

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University of Delaware Department of Computer and Information Sciences

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